Bangkok Photo

Welcome to Bangkok Photo View. Having been a long term resident of Bangkok I present here on this website my view of Bangkok with a multitude of pictures and views of this great Asian city, the capital of Thailand.

Bangkok is a huge melting pot of undiluted cultures. The Thais call Bangkok "Krung Thep".

Bangkok is famous for providing excellent service with a smile and a shopping paradise for people of all ages. It is also one of the major travel hubs of South East Asia -- neighboring countries are now only a couple of hours away on a plethora of low-cost air carriers.

Bangkok is a fabulous place to stay with numerous different styles of accommodation and hotels from Bangkok Budget Hotels to world class 5 star accommodation. Bangkok is Thailand's capital and its largest city; with a population of over 12 million people.

Bangkok is also a historic center for Buddhist philosophy, making Bangkok a spiritual center as well.

  • Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi 011
  • Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi 014
  • Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi 019
  • Bangkok Backstreets And Sois 001
  • Bangkok Backstreets And Sois 003
  • Bangkok Backstreets And Sois 006
  • Bangkok Backstreets And Sois 008
  • Bangkok Backstreets And Sois 012
  • Bangkok Skytrain BTS 008
  • Bangkok Skytrain BTS 009
  • Bangkok Skytrain BTS 012
  • Bangkok Skytrain BTS 013
  • Bangkok Backstreets And Sois
    Narrow Soi (Lane) in Bangkok
  • Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi
    Inside the departure lounge of the Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • Bangkok Skytrain BTS
    Ticket gates at the Bangkok Skytrain station at Asoke.
  • Bangkok Skytrain BTS
    The quiet before the rush. you will be lucky to get a seat on the Sky Train at rush hour
  • Bangkok Skytrain BTS
    Stand behind the yellow line. Train arriving at the BTS station.
  • Bangkok Skytrain BTS
    Thais love this kind of art. You will see lots of busses and train carriages decorated like this.
  • Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi
    Inside the Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok departure lounge
  • Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi
    A thai lady wais an image of the Buddha at the departure lounge of the Bangkok airport.
  • Bangkok Backstreets And Sois
    A view down a Bangkok soi. Many people live and work in these narrow lanes.
  • Bangkok Backstreets And Sois
    Cane baskets and trollies. A common site in the Sois of Bangkok.
  • Bangkok Backstreets And Sois
    Thai lady taking a short cut on her way to work
  • Bangkok Backstreets And Sois
    Shop houses proliferate the back streets of Bangkok